TA: LS1 Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity

General education course, University of California, Los Angeles, Life Science Department, 2017

This class opened by life science department was a General Education (GE) course for UCLA undergraduate student. It enforced me to become a faster learner in a short period of time since the contents of the class were not familiar to me. Moreover, I improved my skill to explain certain concepts to different people from different background, which I believed is important for future career. Read more

AI Teaching Fellow and Associate Academic Director at Embark China

Senior high school student AI course, Embark China, 2017

Embark China provides unique extracurricular activities with an international focus to talented Chinese high school students. In today’s rapidly growing Chinese education industry, Embark has established itself as the leader in experiential learning by emphasizing the skills that modern, international university students need. Embark has partnered with U.S. universities and academic organizations across a variety of disciplines to offer academic environments and resources that reach the cutting-edge technologies. Read more

Physics Instructor at New Oriental

High school student course, New Oriental Education & Technology Group, 2014

As the largest provider of private educational services in China, New Oriental offers education for a lifetime, teaching skills that give students a crucial competitive advantage in the workplace and help improve their quality of life. Read more