TA: LS1 Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity


This class opened by life science department was a General Education (GE) course for UCLA undergraduate student. It enforced me to become a faster learner in a short period of time since the contents of the class were not familiar to me. Moreover, I improved my skill to explain certain concepts to different people from different background, which I believed is important for future career.

I was so glad that students found my TA session helpful. Here are some feedback from them.

  • I looked forward every week to come into his discussion/demo. This TA made a subject that I dislike very enjoyable for me. Best TA I have ever come across. He engaged all the students every class period and is easily respected as an instructor and person overall.

  • Vincent is very charismatic and cares that students fully understand the concepts presented in LS 1. He was always on time for Lab Demonstrations and walked around answering questions during labs.

  • I really enjoyed having Vincent as my TA. He is so helpful and is always encouraging students to work together and ask questions. He is very knowledgable and made LS1 lab very interesting.